Window to a Deep Thought

A young woman listening to a record player

It’s mid-day time like twelve o’clock,
I can see kids playing in front of my block.
Though it’s noon but the weather’s cool…
And the clouds have taken over the rule..
I can hear the birds chirping,
a hundred feet away, kids playing.
Though it’s noon I wonder why..
I’m looking unaided towards this bright sky.

This road is never-ever reticent and quiet,

I clearly hear planes taking flight…

The darkness of my room surrounds me.

In this immense perplexity,

I sit and write in tremendous guilt of the things I’ve done in past.

I descry my formidable palpitating hands..

I know I am in an outlandish fear.

But still, I continue to look out of the window,

To get my senses this jocularity hidden in these lanes.

But now I think I tend to fail.


All I witnessed in this world so far is this


Which not only me but you and all try to seek.

People trying to lean on everything they can.

That’s the greed of getting everything.

Which is hurting this earth and not only us beings.

What’s more insidious than ever is this eight-worded ‘Jealousy’,

Making us kill each other mentally.

These two I consider worst traits of humans which make us who we are today.

And no one knows what the future holds.

And I don’t want to be afraid

And let’s see what happens ensue.


Now I’m surprised how from a window I went striding, thinking of this humanity.

I wonder if this is a fantasy xD.




©2016. Bhavika Berwal






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