Am I Going Against The Rules?

Have you ever encountered a jinxed life? Did your elders ever get mad on you? Did you feel waste? Well, read this poem…it might make you strong and question more 😉

It’s a poem i wrote days ago..


What would they know about being a bright one and now, being a flunky?

What would they know about having no friends and loosing most of them.

What would they know about the words you’ve buried inside…

What would they know about walking alone..


Why you wouldn’t understand that I’m not a robot,

I’m not a perfectionist, or even an extravagant.

Why you wouldn’t you just say it a million times with love,

Than swearing and shouting all the time?

Do you think that makes me feel better?

I’m no dumb …I’m not down that I won’t speak

I would reply with the same force as you do …even if you happen to be a close one.

Why you wouldn’t understand that everyone is different, unique on their own

Some score well, some work well, some play well

How can you expect me to be best in ALL?

When it’s merely possible..

Did you never fail in life?

Did you not do mistakes?

If u didn’t then you surely have not done anything in life..


You get mad when I start to speak for myself,

You say you are preparing me for a good future, to be tough..

But, why don’t you teach love and prepare a flower for future?

Instead of preparing an ‘Atom Bomb’..

Can’t I just defend myself?

Isn’t that what you should do to survive in the ‘future of yours’?

Am I going against the rules?

Do you think grumbling for stupid little things would make me feel good?

When you yourself are standoffish, how can I be propitious to you?

When I myself don’t get that sympathy..

If you would’ve given me love a million times..

I wouldn’t do these stupid mistakes all the time again and again

Because then, I’d remember your love.


These things I always wanted to say, I wanted to speak

Came out in tears of despair and grieve

I know you care, care about me and my life..

Care for your reputation, to make me the queen bee..

But once, if u looked inside me ..tried to understand me,

I could be the GAYEST EVER! And at my best for sure..


I don’t want no gifts, iPhone or a car from you.

All I want is you to build a masterpiece for future so that I get that all by myself.

I want to create something new, not travel on the same old lanes.

I want peace and love to be taught to us at school.

Or when I lie or cheat …YOU showing me the path or serenity and fidelity.

The way you think you are a best teacher or parent..

We might think we are the best kids..

Withal we know that nothing’s perfect or flawless..


I’m not a parent or a teacher..

Just a girl who wants a better future for us all..

For this planet, with no wars or hatred

I’m not blaming you for what I am today or what I will be..

I just am in a great conscience,

Of not being able to speak this to you THAT DAY! UNTIL TODAY!



©2016. Bhavika Berwal




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